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Инструкции по редактированию apk (АПК) файлов. На данной странице Вы найдете все что необходимо. xda-developers Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Galaxy Tab 4 Android Development TW 5.02 ROM T530 ,T530NU,T531,T535 LP deodex 4pda teamwork , Xposed 03.06.2015 by repey6 XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Что такое Odex и Deodex на Андроид. Если вы активно интересуетесь миром Android, устанавливаете кастомные прошивки и различные моды, то наверняка уже слышали о том что существуют прошивки Odex и Deodex, что это означает узнаете. Deodex Lollipop System Apps with Ease. Android 5.0 has been publicly available for a little over a month now, and although Lollipop hasn’t quite made a significant dent in terms of market. The dependencies can be in the form of an odex file, or a jar/apk with an embedded classes.dex file. Either works just as well. For example, if you want to deodex Calculator.odex from an ICS image, and you have all the framework jars/odexes in a directory named framework: baksmali -a 15 -x Calculator.odex -d framework -o Calculator. Before explaining how to check your android you are still odex or deodex then read the following explanation first: Deodex is changing applications in ODEX by repackaging, the Dalvik cache. So essentially you're saying that the way to "Easily Deodex Stock Apk's & Framework" is to download them? I think you should change the title so people who want to actually do what the title says it's a guide for won't Odexed and Deodexed. A standard ROM is supposed to be odexed for release which provides smoother and faster loading of apps into memory. Each .apk has a corresponding .odex. When the application is used by either the system or the user, the .odex is used to start loading the app. A ROM that is deodexed In this article, we’ll try to explain what odexed and deodexed means, and what implications does it bring to a casual user. WHAT IS AN ODEX FILE? In Android file system, applications come in packages with the extension apk. These application packages, or APKs contain certain odex files whose supposed function is to save space. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ROM STOCK 4.1.2 N8000 Stock Rooted Busybox Deodexed (CWM). If you are building a custom ROM, it's a really good idea to odex both your framework JAR files and the stock apps in order to maximize the internal storage space for user-installed apps. If you want to theme, then simply deodex -> apply your theme -> reodex -> release. To actually deodex, use small and baksmali. Инструкции по редактированию apk (АПК) файлов. На данной странице Вы найдете все что.